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About Us

Everyone's a Little Naughty Sometimes...

...and Naughty Cupid's loves to help. Adults (consenting) should be able to express themselves (within reason) and explore the in's and out's (literally sometimes) of their bodies and their partner's. It is ok to be a little shy, but go ahead and explore this site and find something new to try today!

We Really Care and We Don't...

...about your purchases and personal information. We care that you can shop in privacy, securely and confidently on our site but we don't care to share what you purchase or any personal information to anyone! We do keep track of what items sell and don't of course, but we can go shopping on our own dime, not yours! So go ahead and buy something new today.


Naughty Cupid's thanks you for reading this, as we took the time to write something (we could of left a blank page, it would have been easier). We also thank you for helping in supporting a small US business. We work hard to get what we need and want and can't do it without our customers!


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